Bey Watch is your reliable source for highly trained, armed and unarmed security professionals.


Residential Complexes

Protect your family and home with hidden property surveillance systems. These covert cameras look like everyday objects, but they are integrated with fully functional security features.

Executive Protection

Close personal protection that ensures the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of employment, celebrity status, wealth, and political affiliations.

Private Investigations

A leader in providing end-to-end investigation solutions while maintaining confidentiality. We use information technology to assist at every level of the investigation


We specialize in Onset Locations Security. Bey Watch officers are familiar with onset equipment, cost, jargon and culture. Our security officers have onset experience as crew members and are experienced with all aspects of Production Sets- especially in the locations department. At Bey Watch we have the ability to leverage GPS technology to monitor and track our officers for your benefit.


Our highly educated Central Command Team ensures reporting is updated in real-time. Our security professionals carry tablets which capture events that occur during a patrol. Central Command reviews the updates as each event report is completed and uploaded throughout each shift.


We conduct extensive planning for special events to achieve the right balance between ensuring public safety and an atmosphere of hospitality.


Dedicated to the Private Investigative and Security Arena


Bey Watch is your premier source for Security Training and Consulting. We will surpass the competition, not only in price, but value as well. At Bey Watch, we take into account the specific needs of the client. We’re a small firm that specializes in Armed and Unarmed Security, Training, Maritime Security Consulting, Training for the workplace, Situational Awareness, Skip Tracing, Investigations and Process Services-that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Bey Watch is a full service consulting firm with the same resources as the larger firms; this allows us to provide a greater degree of efficiency and personal service to our clients. We are results oriented and will maximize your budget for the highest obtainable results. When it comes to Skip Tracing and Process Services-the outcome of any assignment will always be based upon a professional analysis, a plan of action and initiation of the proper investigative techniques, this will increase the degree of a successful outcome on your behalf. Take a moment to navigate our website and evaluate how our services may be of value to you or your clients. .

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